Who Can Benefit: 

• statutory bodies
• police fire ambulance
• local authorities
• law court
• probation
• social services

For Private Companies, Public Services and Organisations 

In the world of business, controlling anger can make a huge difference in the effective operation of any organisation. From customer relations to telephone calls, understanding and managing anger can help staff deal with challenging people and threatening situations in a more professional and dynamic manner. Using group training and skills-based exercises we can help your organisation towards a calmer and more productive business environment.

We are totally flexible and can offer your organisation, centre or department a bespoke programme to be held at your premises or at a venue of your choice.

Select the modules you require and we will do the rest. We can also train your own trainers in Anger Management, as well as conduct an internal audit to assess your needs.

The promotion of ‘health and wellness’ in your business can:

"You understood the company and

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Make anger your ally

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